If you are a denture wearer, and have been for awhile, you know the discomfort caused by slippage. As time goes by, the natural ridges of the gum and bone wear down and become smooth. Adhesives and the suction that once held dentures in place are less effective, resulting in a loose, wobbly fit. Are you ready to stop the aggravation of slipping dentures? Then consider an implant-retained denture from Eastpoint Dental.

Dental implants act as an anchor for your prosthesis to maximize stability. Your denture will simply snap onto the implant posts for a strong, secure hold. There are numerous benefits of implant supported dentures.

  • Restores greater confidence in social situations
  • Dental implants stop bone loss, helping the jaw retain its natural shape
  • Implant-retained dentures are more stable, providing increased function
  • Eliminates slippage
  • Better stability allows for a more varied diet which makes getting proper nutrition easier

In a brief surgery, Dr. Kahan will place the small titanium post into your jaw. The bone naturally heals around the post creating a strong foundation. Our doctors oversee the entire process ensuring a tight, secure fit of your teeth.