Botox in Blacklick, OH

You know that we are committed to helping you look your best at Eastpoint Dental. We understand how important feeling good in your own skin is and that’s why we’ve always offered a range of cosmetic services. Whether it be teeth whitening, crowns, or veneers, we do a lot to help you achieve your ideal look. Now, we are excited to offer Botox therapy as part of our cosmetic procedure options.

Why Get Botox?

Most people know that Botox can help you achieve a more youthful, friendly appearance in no time. However, many people are unaware of its medical applications; Botox is a helpful tool in pain prevention and treatment, especially along the jaw or temples. At Eastpoint Dental, we offer Botox therapy for TMJ pain, migraines, and a more youthful glow, based on your needs.

Why Do Dentists Offer Botox?

Botox in dentistry began in 2011 when the FDA cleared it as a primary treatment modality for migraines and chronic facial pain. Long-term studies proved that Botox was as or more effective at preventing migraines than all the heavy duty prescription medications that were being prescribed to patients. Not long after, in Jan 2012, Dr. Kahan began his journey to become educated on the uses and benefits of Botox for his patients. At this time, Dr. Kahan has completed basic and advanced training involving hands-on administration and more.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is an injectable solution that is inserted underneath the surface of the skin in very small amounts. We work with you to determine your desired outcome for Botox procedure in order to decide on injection site placements. Botox is not a filler, but instead relaxes the underlying muscles of the targeted area. This effect prevents the muscles from being able to tense up, or contract, so no wrinkles can be formed. People with Botox can still move their face and do everything that people without Botox can do, they just look younger while doing it!

Who is a Candidate for Botox?

Most of our patients choose to get Botox to address one or more of the following concerns:

  1. Migraines: Migraines are a vascular headache that occurs when the vessels become constricted. By targeting the clenching and other common tensed muscles, we are able to relax the muscles around these vessels and help prevent migraines.
  2. Jaw or facial pain: Grinding your teeth leads to the wearing down of the enamel, weakening of the structures that hold the teeth tight in the bone, and eventually muscle and TMJ pain. Most dentists treat this using a mouth guard which protects the teeth only during the hours that you wear it, but even then you can still grind down on it and cause TMJ pain. Botox relaxes all the grinding muscles completely, so that you can still chew and speak normally, without pain.
  3. Aesthetics: Do you have a perma-frown caused by forehead creases, the “eleven” pair of wrinkles between the eyes? Or perhaps you show a happy past through laugh line parentheses around the mouth and creases near the outer eyes? Botox can help you achieve a more youthful glow and radiant appearance in just one visit. Botox can also help eliminate scars or marks from chicken pox or acne. Check out a photo of our scar removal results here.

Botox at Eastpoint Dental

We are proficient in offering this cutting edge service to our patients. Botox is an optimal procedure for many people, men and women, because there are very minimal side effects, it is not permanent, and the results are outstanding. Even better? The procedure is so fast that people can choose to get their Botox therapy during a lunch break. At Eastpoint Dental, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best in cosmetic services. We believe that our patients should be able to turn to a medical provider they trust for cutting edge techniques like Botox, which is why we are so happy to offer it to you. Schedule a consultation today.

Let Our Team Give You the Smile You Have Always Wanted

At Eastpoint Dental, we’ve been putting our patients oral health first for over 50 years, and Dr. Jason Kahan is always available to help improve your smile in Blacklick.

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