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What our patients say……..

Dr. Kahan is wonderful. He is professional, caring, and takes time to explain dental options. The office staff is as equally nice and personable. My husband and I are extremely happy with them and highly recommend them.

– Deb C.

Dr. Kahan is one of the best Dentists I have ever had work on my teeth. He is very caring and professional, provides information about my teeth and gums in an understandable way (for the layperson), and he does excellent work. MJ is a fabulous hygienist, is also very caring and informative, and she does great work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental work but here at Eastpointe Dental.

– Marti J D.

Dr George is professional, kind, and will go the extra mile to be sure you are satisfied. I moved here from out of state. I spent a fortune on my dental work and could not even eat well. He took me on without hesitation and is fixing the work of another dental professional. I am so very glad I was refereed to him. He is an answer to prayer.

– Agnes M.

Dr. Boltz and Denise are wonderful! Perfect, professional and friendly dental care.

– Bruce R.

Eastpoint Dental is one in a million! Dr. George has been making me happy for many, many years. The complete staff is wonderful, so helpful, courteous and caring. Would recommend this office for anyone searching for an excellent dentist.

– Tina Oliver

MJ is a kind, caring and thorough hygenist. I really appreciate her work. Dr. Kahan is the best dentist I have ever been to. Be is kind, takes time to listen to me, explains dental concerns to me in a way I understand, and is absolutely excellent at numbing my mouth without my feeling any pain. As long as he is around I have no intention of going to any other dentist but him. I highly recommend this dental practice to everyone!

– Marti J D.

I am the BIGGEST baby when it comes to getting dental work done and recently I visited Dr. Kahan and those fears are gone. Recently had a tooth removed by him and I needed a Staples button to push saying “that was easy.” We now have a new family dentist and I truly recommend this practice to anyone.

– Christine R.

I became a patient at Eastpoint Dental about five years ago after being told by my previous dentist that I needed an expensive procedure to fix a relatively simple problem. I was so impressed by their honesty and compassion, that I switched to the practice immediately and have not looked back! I’ve seen both Doctors and they are equally kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. Staff is great too! I would highly recommend!

– Jeannine Caputo Kern

Eastpoint Dental will make you smile
I’ve been a patient of Doctor George for 30 + years. I’ve had some pretty extensive work completed and I trust the professional advice and expertise of Dr. George. In tough situations he thinks outside the box to accomplish outstanding results. The office staff is top notch and I recommend Eastpoint Dental whenever I have an opportunity.

– Connie R.

Immediate attention
I was out of town for the weekend and developed a pretty significant toothache. I called the office at 4:30pm Monday and was seen by Dr. George at noon on Tuesday. Everyone I have met in this office is so kind and attentive, understanding and non-judgemental of sometimes unreasonable fears. I highly recommend Dr. George!!

– Kimberly S.

Professional and friendly
I would recommend Eastpoint Dental. I have always been nervous going to the dentist. The staff and doctors made me feel at ease. Being greeted by name and not waiting longer than 5 minutes really set a good tone. Dr. Kahan was very polite and took the time to explain and answer questions. I will be continuing to use them as my dentist.

– Laura T.

Dr. George is an excellent dentist, caring, compassionate & I appreciate his office’s dedication to any emergency issues. His explanations are thorough & does not propose dental work unless needed. Great job!

– Anne Voight

Point blank…Dr. George is the absolute best dentist I have ever had! The gentle and caring way that he and his staff treat me has practically cured me of my long term fears, and his expertise and collaboration with Dr. Sakamoto has literally saved my teeth. I am so thankful for the good service here that I have decided to keep seeing Dr. George even though I recently moved 2 hours away! Thank you Eastpoint Dental for making me smile the best it can be

– Debbie Hughes

Eastpoint Dental is a fantastic! Dr. Kahan helped me feel not only comfortable with my procedures, but also confident that I was in the very best care. I can’t recommend this practice enough. If you’re looking for a dentist, you need to look no further. The staff is also so friendly and genuinely care about your comfort and questions. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!

– Lara Falberg

Exceptional staff, hygienists, and dentists! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kahan’s since he was first in practice… won’t see another dentist! He’s gentle and kind. Dr. Kahan is practical, presenting all the options for remedies and preventive care while balancing results with cost and comfort. Drs. Kahan and George keep up on the latest developments in dentistry, each working to their strengths to create a well-rounded team. Nothing but praise for this practice.

– Kate O’Hara

Are you kidding me? Every single person in this business is exemplary. Never in my life have I had such comprehensive care. I’m a flat out sissy when dental care is being done, even a cleaning. My comfort is the highest priority. They will never be able to get rid of me as a patient! 5 stars plus on environment, hugs, treatment, billing, appointments, communication…the whole package!

– deborah hershberger

Dr. Kahan is just wonderful. He is very attentive to the needs of his patients. He took his time and did a very thorough and efficient job. He also made sure to explain to me what he was doing and what I should or shouldn’t be feeling. I wasn’t the easiest patient (had to stop a few times to regain my composure) and he was very understanding. The rest of the staff is friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend Eastpoint Dental.

– Jadi Duffield

Always an awesome experience! I’ve been a patient of the practice for 30+ years and have never been disappointed. Highly competent professionals all. I’ve recommended them to many family and friends who are also extremely pleased with the care received from all the personnel at Eastpoint Dental. Love them!!!

– Kara

Exceedingly Professional
Having moved 13 times, I’ve had many dentists at many different practices in many states. None has approached the professionalism and efficiency of Eastpoint Dental. I’ve always had terrific experiences in every aspect of my visits over the last 19 years.

– John H.

Best experience I’ve ever had with a dentist
Eastpoint Dental is wonderful. The staff are warm and on top of the details. My dentist, Dr. Kahan, has the best bedside manner of any dentist I’ve ever been to. He’s professional, easy to talk to, and really pays attention to detail. They go out of their way to accommodate patients, and turn an experience most don’t look forward to into something pleasant.
Side note: Dr. Kahan is also incredible at administering Botox. I don’t know how he does it, but it looks incredibly natural. I only had it done once before finding him, and you could definitely tell the first time I did it. A friend from NYC came to visit and received Botox from Dr. Kahan. She said he did a better job than the plastic surgeon she’s seen in NY who’s known for Botox. If you’re considering it, you’ll have a fantastic experience with Dr. Kahan.

– Lara F.

We took her into the office and the entire staff worked through all of her fears. They gave her the confidence back that she needed and actually were able to give her the novocaine shots without her even feeling it. They took a very painful and scary experience for my wife, daughter and myself and turned it into a pain free experience that took the fear of the dentist away and made it a fun visit. We are very grateful to them and would recommend them to anyone. I have been visiting their office for over 15 years and knew they were great but didn’t know how they would do with a young child in an emergency situation. To sum up our experience and overall feeling can be summed up in one word, “AMAZING”! If you are looking for a great dentist, look no further.
My daughter who is 5 years old out of nowhere told my wife and I that her tooth hurt. After looking in her mouth we saw a slight dark spot on her back molar. We then saw that another molar was cutting through. Assuming that the pain was from the tooth cutting in and not the dark spot we decided we would just wait for her next scheduled appointment to take her in since it was not that far away. Two days later again out of nowhere she started screaming in pain. We called for an emergency appointment and they scheduled her in very quickly. In the meantime one of her little friends told her about getting a shot in the mouth and how terrible it was. Our brave little girl that had never been afraid of the dentist was now terrified.

– Rick Clark

Dr. Kahan removed the old filling from a broken molar, replaced the filling and put on a new crown. The new crown’s color did not match as well as Dr. Kahan liked, so he put the temporary back on and reordered a new crown at no cost to me. He was adamant about getting it right. They take wonderful care and are very concerned about your comfort and well being during the entire time. The staff is great and does an excellent job as well.

– Patricia Hayes