Teeth Extractions in Blacklick, OH


At Eastpoint Dental, we always do everything we can to help you take care of your natural teeth through preventative care. Even if oral decay is present, we will do everything possible to fill the cavity and preserve the tooth. Unfortunately, in some situations, the tooth might not be saved. In these cases, it might be better for your oral health if we remove the tooth completely.

Even though many patients are nervous about teeth extractions, this procedure has come a long way. We have sedation techniques at our disposal, and we will make you as comfortable as possible. Learn more about dental extractions below, and reach out to us to make an appointment.

We Will Save the Tooth When We Can

Our dentist will do everything possible to preserve the tooth. If there is any oral decay present, we might be able to fill the cavity instead of removing the entire tooth. Or, we may be able to perform a root canal instead. In some situations, we can place a crown on top of the tooth to protect it.

We will always go through your options with you, but understand that if we believe the tooth cannot be saved, we may encourage you to go through with an extraction.

Why a Tooth Extraction Might Be Needed

There are several common reasons why a tooth extraction might be required. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • It is not unusual for children to have baby teeth that might hang on as an adult tooth comes in.
  • If you have been involved in a traumatic accident, we may recommend a tooth extraction instead.
  • If we believe we cannot fix the issue with a tooth or a root canal, we may recommend a tooth extraction to protect the surrounding tissue.
  • We may also need to perform a dental extraction if your teeth are overcrowded.

If there is an infection in your mouth, we need to treat it as quickly as possible. That way, it does not spread to other teeth. Sometimes, the best treatment for an infection is a tooth extraction. We will talk about this with you, and we will handle it on a case-by-case basis.

A Word on Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are natural. A lot of people have four wisdom teeth. Even though they are a part of your natural architecture, they can cause significant problems. We will use X-rays to monitor your wisdom teeth as they develop.

There are lots of people who have their wisdom teeth erupt during their late teenage years or early adult years. When this happens, they can push other teeth out of the way, leading to major bite problems. Therefore, we may recommend removing them before they emerge.

Call Eastpoint Dental To Make an Appointment

If it is time for a tooth extraction, we have sedation and anesthetic options available. We will discuss them with you and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss possible dental concerns, call us today at (614) 755-2275.

Let Our Team Give You the Smile You Have Always Wanted

At Eastpoint Dental, we’ve been putting our patients oral health first for over 50 years, and Dr. Jason Kahan is always available to help improve your smile in Blacklick.

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