TMJ Treatment in Blacklick, OH

TMJ Treatment

Do you wake up in the morning suffering from a severe headache? Are you concerned because you feel your jaw locking or clicking when you speak or eat? If so, you may suffer from an issue with your temporomandibular joint.

Eastpoint Dental in Blacklick has a tremendous amount of experience helping people who suffer from TMJ. Learn more about our treatment options below, and reach out to us today for relief.

An Overview of TMJ Issues

If you have ever awoken in the morning with a headache, find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, or have had pain or a clicking sound when eating or yawning, our team can help.

Our doctors will examine your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and determine if there is any dysfunction (TMD) and what caused it.

We can figure out if there is an issue with the alignment of the jaw, and we will look at the muscles to see if they are having issues opening and closing.
We can then treat your TMD symptoms, most often by wearing a simple night guard or a simple injectable.

Nightguards as a Treatment Option

One of the most common treatment options we may use is a nightguard. Many people develop issues with the TMJ because they grind their teeth at night. Our team can fashion a nightguard that will stop you from grinding your upper and lower teeth against each other. This will alleviate pressure on the TMJ, allowing it to relax.

During the visit, we will customize your nightguard to meet your needs. That way, we ensure it fits perfectly on top of your teeth. We can fashion a guard for the upper or lower set of teeth, and we will work with you to determine which option is better for your situation.

Medications Can Help

There are also some situations where we may use a medication to treat TMJ issues. We can inject a medication into the muscles surrounding the jaw, encouraging them to relax and release your jaw.

In some cases, patients may need to come back for multiple visits because the symptoms may return. We will work with you to identify all potential underlying issues, helping you recover as quickly and completely as possible.

Call Eastpoint Dental Today for TMD Treatment

At Eastpoint Dental, we are dedicated to your needs. We know it can be frustrating if you suffer from TMJ issues, and we have multiple treatment options available. If you want to learn more about how we can help you address this issue, contact us today to make an appointment by calling (614) 755-2275.

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At Eastpoint Dental, we’ve been putting our patients oral health first for over 50 years, and Dr. Jason Kahan is always available to help improve your smile in Blacklick.

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