At times, a tooth fractures or decay progresses to the point where the pulp (nerve) is damaged. In time, bacteria will enter the pulp, and if left untreated, can result in pain and/or abscess, and the eventual loss of the tooth. A root canal is performed to clean the infected pulp and save the tooth. Our doctors utilize the rotary endodontic technique to perform root canals in the office using quiet handpieces. This in conjunction with digital x-rays (link) turns what was once a long procedure spread over multiple appointments, into a quick and predictable visit usually completed in one sitting. Once completed, the tooth is restored to replace what was lost to decay or fracture, usually with a crown(link). At Eastpoint Dental, we have found that when the proper steps are taken and the tooth is restored, root canal therapy has a high rate of success with minimal to no discomfort.

digital xray